This original acrylic painting is 18x24 on one inch gallery wrapped canvas.


As a young kid growing up on Cut Bank Creek, I always enjoyed wild stories and that of course led to a wild imagination. Especially stories from here, and those stories allowed me to imagine beings. Sort of like Napi and Coyote, free to make their choices. Some were good, some were bad, and some were inbetween. Lately I've been noticing how often the reservation life is frought with lateral violence, jealousy and gossip. Which It's always been (at least if you were a smart kid and grew up with a different way of looking at things) Which made me think of the power of the tongue, something my grandfather always talked to me about as a boy. It has the power to bring life or death, and theres a lot of tricksters out there walking around with that power.

Power of the Tongue