This is an original acrylic painting, 16x20 on one inch gallery wrapped canvas.


One of my ancestors is a man by the name of Brings-Down-The-Sun. This painting is modeled after a picture taken by Walter McClintock when he visited Pikunni. Brings-Down-The-Sun was old, grey haired and adjusting to life without the Buffalo at the end. He had his weasel shirt, originally given to us by the Sun, and his pipe in this photo. His war record shows he was sometimes merciful to some of his enemies, even letting some of them go out of pity. Something not afforded to a lot during the warrior era. I was always fortunate in historical lessons by my grandfather Gordon, so when people argue and say, 'we can't go back, we can't live in lodges anymore, why don't you forget the past?' Well I can't, you see, there's a lot of good men and women who helped me get here. Why would I want to forget them?